Czech the second video on Andrew Huang’s channel songstowearpantsto for the rest of the 99 puns!

Video Text:

[David is standing minding his own business]
A: “Boo!”
D: “Eek! You scared me!”
A: “What were you doing yesterday apres-midi?”
D: “I was at a mixer with my stuntman friend”
A: Oh, how is Dynamic Mike?
D: “He attacked me! He set a trap!”
A: “Wow, what happened?”
D: “He punched me and said “You’re a bitch, and I’ll bus’ a cap in your ass.”
A: “I hope you didn’t sustain any injuries.”
D: “They’re minimal – I have a sore tooth, but I can still feel my pulse.
A: “Well at least that’s a sign that you’re ok.”
D: “I think he was on acid, he kept on gabbering on”
A: “What a dick, eh?”
D: “A complete knob. It was almost a homocide.”
A: “Good thing you’ve mastered a few martial arts.”
D: “When he wouldn’t release me I cutoff his arm.”
A: “Now I suppose you have to wave for him”
D: “At least I got my vengeance. He got what he deserved.”
A: “Amen.”
D: “Can I see your new house? I heard it has a garage!”
A: “Shure, have you eaten recently?”
D: “Yes, I ate – oh wait, I just heard my stomach growl – based on that I guess I am.”
A: “Well let’s head over to my pad.”
[we stay in the same position full body, the background changes with a swooshing noise]
D: “Let’s eat a stew, do you want some? Or do you want something else?”
A: “We could have some Fruity Loops if I can find them”
D: “They’re not next to the soup, I saw them near the produce I think…”
A: “How do you prepare triangle sandwiches?”
D: “It’s not very hi-tech – no, just mangle it, chop it and put it on a plate……reverb”
A: “These puns are becoming a bit of a stretch…..time….timestretch.”
D: “Let me just crossfade this broccoli.”
A: “That’s not a pun.”
D: “We need to MPC if we can come up with something really good to beat these.
A: “Well, this is a-”
D: “I gotta go in a bit.”
A: “This is a-”
D: “Would you be able to not do that right now, I have to kick you out soon.”
A: “But this is a-”
D: “…Loaf we can see, I’ll see you later”

Good news, everyone! Today marks the release of a brand new tutorial section on the site where you can submit your own tutorials and categorise them by genre, technique and DAW.

The thinking behind it is that if we all pitch in to make or find tutorials, then categorise them in this part of the site, we’ll have a fantastic resource of tutorials that is really easy to sort. Easier than doing a YouTube or Google search.

You can submit tutorials with the “Submit a tutorial” page, because we don’t mess about when it comes to titling pages. Just paste the youtube URL and any text if you have it, pick the categories it fits and submit it – the mods will then ensure you’re not spamming, and voila! You helped out and the tutorial gets more views, since thousands of people check the tutorial section each day (which is mental!)

We’ll let every tutorial submitted on the site as long as it’s not spam, and to ensure quality in future we’ll make a rating system that removes low-rated tutorials, but that might take a little while to sort out.

Text and video tutorials are welcome – feel free to find video tuts from YouTube and embed them while categorising them properly. Let me know if there are any categories you think need adding – but ideally we want to have only a few, or it’ll get really confusing, and that’s what we’re trying to avoid!

If we keep this simple and fill it with great tutorials, we’ll have a fantastic, easily sortable collection of frickin’ useful stuff.

Let the submitting commence! – Come hang out on the forum if you’re a musician!

This was a frickin’ nightmare to judge. There were several REALLY good entries that were very close to winning.

Those entries:

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I felt in a Glitch Hop-y mood and also felt like annoying my Sis, hence this!

Some massive (pun intended) bass going on there!

THIS COMPETITION IS CLOSED NOW! Check out the winners here!

The composition competition is back with the most awesome selection of prizes yet; so dive headfirst into it!

Watch the video:

Listen to the song:

Then here’s how you enter…
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