Sample Packs

When you’re ready to take your productions to the next level of quality, go to to get some seriously professional sounding samples – that’s where I get mine : )

NOTE: If you’re having trouble downloading the sample packs, make sure you’re right clicking, then going “save as” – sometimes just clicking them makes them open with lots of garbled text in your browser!

If you’re struggling to open the sample packs after downloading them, click here for my video tutorials explaining how to do so!

Free Sample Packs:

Convenient Hardstyle Sample Pack

Hardstyle can be a Hard Style to get right – but it’s a lot easier when you’re layering your dirty heavy kicks with these punchy samples! (No overdriven kicks here, purely for layering purposes when making your own… plus some claps/snares etc.)

Dave Reverses Sample Pack

Reverse FX can make the difference between a quality buildup and a jarring, badly flowing change to a different section. Get some reverses on the go and smooth out those transitions!

Liquid Hits Sample Pack [25 Free Samples]

Liquid Drum and Bass Producers rejoice!   It’s time to make some of your own beats with 25 awesome percussive hits for your liquid tunes.

Snappy Snares Sample Pack [20 Free Samples]

A Sweet Snappy Selection of Snares!   If you’re looking for some crack, smack, slap or gpflx, this is the pack for you!   (Also, if you can pronounce “gpflx”, you get 20 cool points)

Christmas Kicks Sample Pack [25 Free Samples]

A festive collection of Kicks for use in any genre of music from Dance to Dubstep to D…Hip Hop.   WARNING: These are festive in the way that a McDonalds “Festive Burger” is festive, i.e. not at all.

Trance Sample Pack [37 Free Samples]

If quality Trance samples are what you crave, then look no further – a collection of some seriously driving, punchy, filling percussion for your Trance music absolutely free in the boyinaband free Trance sample pack!

Chiptune Sample Pack [33 Free Samples]

If Chiptune is your thing, then look no further – some of the blippiest, lo-fi-iest, white-noise-iest samples for your chiptune music absolutely free in the boyinaband free Chiptune sample pack!

Electro House Sample Pack [30 Free Samples]

Get ready to make some seriously sexy synth sounds over these superb samples! All Alliteration aside, we all need quality kicks, snares, claps and hats in our electro house tracks. So without further ado, I present the boyinaband free Electro House sample pack!

G Funk Sample Pack [40 Free Samples]

If you’re all about the Gangsta Funk, here is the sample pack to help motivate your rims to spin extra fast! So without further ado, I present the boyinaband free G Funk sample pack!

Glitch Hop Sample Pack [50 Free Samples]

Making interesting glitches can be hard work, so I’ve put together 50 (!) of the glitch hop-iest glitches together for you to wet your appetite in the big new genre that’s sweeping the interweb! So without further ado, I present to you the boyinaband free Glitch Hop sample pack!

Drum & Bass Sample Pack [30 Free Samples]

It is frickin’ ridiculously hard to find good samples for heavy Drum and Bass. So to help out the internet, I’ve got some of the snappiest snares and the punchiest kicks together. I present to you the boyinaband free Drum and Bass sample pack!

Dirty South / Crunk Sample Pack [28 Free Samples]

I am a massive fan of quality crunk hip hop music. It’s all about those cheesy 808-esque drum samples with unnecessarily dancy lead lines. I am also a fan of helping the internet community find what it wants. Put it together and what have you got? The first boyinaband free sample pack! Check it out…

Dubstep Sample Pack [Lots of Free Samples]

Go ahead and make some powerful, trippy beats with that oh-so-iconic wobble bass synth sound over these awesome samples!

Happy Hardcore Sample Pack [Lots of Free Samples]

Google is surprisingly thin on the ground when it comes to finding some happy hardcore samples, so I’m here to point you in the right direction for beefing out your hardcore beats with these kicks, claps and snares I found that are ideal for a bit o’ Happy Hardcore…


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  2. Love your work Dave!
    Thanks for putting in the time to create these great samples!

  3. Thank you for taking the time to post this information. It has been extremely helpful and better then any book I could find. — Cheers.

  4. hey Dave love your work your sample packs are super cool a lot of great stuff no lie i put them all into wmp and play them on repeat for an hour just a quick question tho i was looking into some packs on prime loops and there is so many different formats! so my question is I’m using reason to do my music and i wanted to know what format i should get that would work best with reason since that’s all i really use? great work I’m super impressed with your work and i know iIm not the only one thanks so much for the help and great samples

  5. Either .wav or a reason refill will do the trick man :)

  6. howcome when i click to download th pac it takes me to a website with a bunch of text on it but no download link or rar folder?

  7. make a bongo drum kit those come in handy alot.

  8. Thanks so much for all these samples! For a future update may I suggest breakbeat percussion? I’m working a bit with different kinds of kicks and I can’t seem to find a really good free BB one out there.

  9. I really appreciate what you do Dave, it helps us all so much, thanks, you’re a brilliant educator and an admirible human being :)

  10. I downloaded everything off this page, you seriously the go to guy for learning electronic music production through reason.

  11. First, thanks! These are all interesting and useful collections. I can’t help but notice that, except for one pack, none have toms.

    Also, I’m looking for a classic rock 80s Phil Collins gated drum set, especially toms. Any chance of posting something like that?

  12. Heavy metal sample pack please!
    Extremely hard to find, I wanna make some backing tracks for my super awesome guitar skills.

  13. nice job men , greeting all the way from africa ,NIGERIA….

  14. hiya Dave you really are doing a great job for all the beginners out there i love your commitment for your website…your doing a great job fella keep up the great work looking forward to new videos! cheers..Liam

  15. Thanks.

  16. Hi Dave..thank you for the great job you are doing, and for giving back what you’ve learned…all my respects..

  17. Thanks so much Dave, helpful as always.

  18. thanks dave!!

    very useful!! \o/

  19. Thankyou Dave
    These are for my son to get started with. He loves his Dubstep and Dancing and wants to start creating his own so I’m sure he’ll get a good start with these.
    Thanks Again

  20. Your site is purely awesome and your video tutorials on dubstep and electronic music are hands down some of the best and most informative I’ve seen.

    Thanks a ton!



  21. Thanks for everything !

  22. Having a problem downloading the sample packs, they’re coming up as RAR files but i can’t open them at all.


  23. hey man! you are a fucking genius! :D i love your tutorials! could you just tell me where u got your samples for the jump up dnb tutorial from? :D please! peace!

  24. Thanks for the awesome samples! Your tutorials are very helpful!

  25. Used hardcore snare – CoolSnare01 for a snare that you would want in dubstep. I might have a tutorial on how to make the snare I made.

  26. Hey dave thank you so much for ALL the help and hard work you have put out into the world… You are a great man!!! Thanks for all the Sample packs as well!!! (P.S. ~ Keep up the good work and LOVE the puns… they help keep ya from losing focus when watchin the tutorials… xD )

  27. Love these samples been making some pretty interesting sounds with them good work :)

  28. thank you sooo much,keep making great tutorial song in reason!!!!!

  29. you’re great!! thanx a lot!!! your tutorials are very useful!

  30. You are amazing! I got to know this site recently but what I have achieved within the short time is surprising to me. I was made to believe Reason is for Advance producers but I dont want to believe the limitations. Through your tutorials, I have seen so many possibilities I thought it wont work. Thanks for the samples as well. You are impactful. Keep up the good work.

  31. Hi mate nice work as always, anychane you could please make a dubtechno sample pack? with some chords, pads and efx? in thor would be nice too. many thanks and keep it up!!

  32. BIG UP! , from sweden …

  33. Thanks alot, really, you’re patches, samples and tuorials really helped me getting started with makin reason if you got any hints left :)

  34. @Lewis

    lets you convert rar to other formats online.

  35. Only thing missing is a lasers sample pack, so I can destroy everyone with ma cool laz0rz like Knife Party-o :D

  36. Just starting on this world, as a hobby, and I can’t say THANK YOU louder enough. You’re helping so many people to take their dreams (well, maybe that’s a bit overrated ^^”)
    Thx. Keep being that cool.
    Oh, and keep doing that epic friggin fucking mixes!!! :D

  37. [...] Attributions Original vocals – Donna Summer and Barbara Streisand Various drums from Dave ( Cymbal rolls from Loofa on Rides from Atomwrath on [...]

  38. Thanks a lot for everything: your sample packs are great and your tutorials are really helping me and my friends a lot!

    Keep up doing this work!

    Greets from the Netherlands,

    Ace Voyage

  39. thanks….

  40. Hi Dave! You are a most awesome dude, musician and producer. Keep on keeping on, don’t stop believing and never leap frog over a unicorn. Heads up and thanks for providing a way cool frickin’ site! God bless and all that good stuff. Peace. One love. Drop the bass. :)

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