Would you consider youself your band’s Synth Player?   Are you the guy in your band making the epic lead lines, phat beatz and obscure noises?   Well here are a few pieces of kit to check out:

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The MPC1000, being a massively versatile sampler, has a ton of effects on it (Even more with the upgraded JJOS), and two sliding controllers with which to operate these live.   However, the Kaoss Pad, apart from looking a lot more impressive, has got even more cool features that make it worth using in conjunction with the  MPC1000.   Here’s how I connect it in my electronics setup.

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I love electronic music, so getting an MPC1000 was a natural step for me.

I feel like I’ve been living in the stone age and suddenly an AI construct fell from the future and started explaining how time travel isn’t that hard when you really think about it. I’ve been working on a Korg Electribe A MKII, a Korg Electribe R MKII and a CD player for the past year with You and What Army. They did their job well, but the MPC1000 replaces the hell out of them. Continue reading »


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