Following up on my popular blog posts for 2009 and 2010′s top dubstep producers, I’ve made 2012′s list in the form of a short video mix:

Links to the artists in the video (don’t read if you don’t want to spoil it!) Continue reading »

The Dirty Bass Composition Competition is now over – check out who won!

Video Text

Hi, I’m Dave from – and welcome to the second Composition Competition, where you can win free stuff for producing awesome music!

This composition competition is on Drum and Bass and Dubstep – more specifically on the bass synths. You have to make the dirtiest drop you possibly can. Continue reading »

This blog was written for – check them out for some ace samples and to see my blogs 2 months earlier!

So you’ve exhausted the conventional simple start of “generic wave into modulated filter cut-off” as the extent of your dubstep wobble and are looking for something a bit more interesting to make your sounds stand out?

You’ve come to the right place, my friend!   Here are 5 sweet suggestions that will help you keep wobbling innovatively into the future! Continue reading »

Alrighty!   Day 2 rolls around and brings with it a sexy electro bass patch to put on top of your hard-hitting beat!

This one uses Scream 4 to good effect, with the feedback mode (some mental sounds can be made with that!)

Check out Day 2 of the Electro House Tutorial here!

Well, since it’s G-Funk week, it only makes sense to do something Hip Hop heads would find useful!   Enter a gangsta rap tutorial!   Though it could be a useful Drum and Bass tutorial or dubstep tutorial too – making a sub bassy bass patch with Reason 4!

Check it out, yo!

I challenge anyone to find a genre cooler than this.

It’s the genre that puts a gun to your head and forces you to nod it. The genre that is so heavy that it makes cars actually bounce up and down. The genre that rewards murder, drugs and misogyny more than any other.

This is G Funk. It’s time to ask some questions…

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