After several requests and a poll showing that a few of you wanted to be able to blab to each other, I went ahead and made a simple forum for y’all!

Just click the little “Forum” link in the nav bar up the top :)

Convenient, eh?

Get to the posting! =D

At the request of a message on Youtube, my third tutorial video has been uploaded!

Video Tutorial – Building a Trance Loop in Reason

Any more requests – just ask!

The MPC1000, being a massively versatile sampler, has a ton of effects on it (Even more with the upgraded JJOS), and two sliding controllers with which to operate these live.   However, the Kaoss Pad, apart from looking a lot more impressive, has got even more cool features that make it worth using in conjunction with the  MPC1000.   Here’s how I connect it in my electronics setup.

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…and he’ll keep coming back to your website.

Looking around the internet, I have found that people who post regular tutorials get ridiculous amounts of traffic.

Youtube calls them "Gurus", which is an awesome ego-boost I’m sure, to be among the top gurus in the world.   I am totally going to try to get said ego boost.

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I was recently introduced to a trance synth called “Adventus”

Now as someone who is now very used to having everything I want in one place (Reason) I was a bit sceptical to going back to a plug in for my sounds.

But I was not disappointed; Adventus has a whole host of sounds that make your trance sound pro instantly. No tweaking the effects for hours until you finally get that dancefloor-filling sound, it just has it. And about 50 others besides. It’s fantastic.

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Nu Rave is misunderstood.


It’s slapped on anything popular and new in the music scene. The Klaxons are Nu Rave. Hadouken is Nu Rave. Enter Shikari are Nu Rave. Listen to those three and they are completely different; how can they all be this one thing?

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