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You guys might have noticed the ridiculously prominent header on the site at the moment – YouTube accepted my entry into the first round of the NextUp competition and now I need you guys to vote.   Here’s how:

The featured artist “EveryoneLovesRobots” can be listened to here:

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Hi!   I’m Dave from!

I totally missed last month’s update so I’ve got a lot to catch up with you!

Let’s start with the recap.   So the main biab related things that happened are… Continue reading »

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Hi!   I’m Dave from   A belated Happy new year to everyone, I hope you’re not still hung over.

Today I’ll be talking about what’s been going on with boyinaband in January and what I have planned for February, then revealing this month’s featured artist!

The main boyinaband-related things that happened in January are: Continue reading »

Hey there guys!

A few things…

The New Site

So the new site design for 2010 is now up! What do you think? Let me know in the comment box below!

Also, if anything is missing, any links are broken or anything looks out of place be sure to let me know – unless you’re using internet explorer 7 or lower, in which case I know there’s a dodgy thing going on with the search bar. All you have to do is download google chrome (It’s much faster than internet explorer anyway!) and it’ll look just fine.

So you might be wondering what to check out! Well, there are some shiny new about pages with new content on, the services section is massively updated with a bunch of new things on there, the FAQ section is up now and – probably most anticipated – is the sample pack page under the “Resources” tab, with links to all the free samples I provide!

I’ve also got a video on the “About the Boy” page – I’ll try to find time to make more videos to accompany the text, since I know it’s a lot more fun to watch something than to read something in some cases!   EDIT: I accidentally made the video standard size instead of widescreen so it’s currently ripping down the wider version, I’ll put that version up as soon as I wake up!

So yeah, be sure to check out the new content, then leave me a comment or send me an e-mail to let me know what you think! (With the shiny new contact page ! Oooh….)

The Hip Hop Composition Competition

The winners of the competition will be announced later today! It’ll be in the evening (GMT) that I put out the winners, then I’ll contact them via the e-mails they registered on the forum with to arrange giving them their prizes!

Cheers for staying tuned, guys! Hope you enjoy the new layout (I think it’s a big improvement!) and I’ll catch up with you all on the forum!


Hi! I'm Dave from and welcome to the site!

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