Top 10 unintentionally hilarious rappers:

I love rap music. Let me just get that straight before I go into this list. I think there’s something about it which can be frickin’ cool as hell when it’s done right.


I think it is a hell of a challenge for a rapper to be that frickin’ cool without accidentally being hilarious. Here is a list I’ve wanted to compile for a while – the top 10 unintentionally hilarious rappers.

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As my first public commission, I was asked to make a Dirty South style beat and explain both the synths and my creative process whilst doing so – so here it is!

Don’t forget to get up in dat club!

Check out the tutorial here!

As a part of a commissioned tutorial for a dirty south-esque beat, I made a pitched snare roll, and thought it’d be useful to make a video just for that effect, since it’s quite popular, and most people on youtube tend to use automation for it instead of the NN-XT sampler, which I think is a long winded way to make the effect compared to my method.

It uses NN-XT, MClass compressor and a bit of RV7000 reverb.   A nice, quick tutorial for you! :)

Check it out!

I am a massive fan of quality crunk hip hop music. It’s all about those cheesy 808-esque drum samples with unnecessarily dancy lead lines. I am also a fan of helping the internet community find what it wants. Put it together and what have you got?

The first boyinaband free sample pack!   Check it out…

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If you hear the word “Crunk” as a description of music, you aren’t instinctively going to think it’s something intelligent or necessarily worth listening to.   Crunk is a genre that may or may not have died (Though Lil’ John’s “Crunk ain’t Dead” necklace seems to say otherwise, he *might* be a bit biased.) but as with all music, there are elements from it that were useful that we can learn from!

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I was recently introduced to a trance synth called “Adventus”

Now as someone who is now very used to having everything I want in one place (Reason) I was a bit sceptical to going back to a plug in for my sounds.

But I was not disappointed; Adventus has a whole host of sounds that make your trance sound pro instantly. No tweaking the effects for hours until you finally get that dancefloor-filling sound, it just has it. And about 50 others besides. It’s fantastic.

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