Thanks to my homeslice Åge, I’ve made a tutorial explaining a bit about some of the awesome less commonly used oscillators and filters work in Thor!

With some futuristic techno as an example, score!

So it’s kind of a techno tutorial.   But not just for techno heads!   Watch it and see :P

Check it out here

As with 99% of Electronic Music genres, there is a whole load of crap to wade through before you come to some serious gold at the end of the electro rainbow!

Fortunately, I’ve acted as a convenient leprechaun for you guys (this is quite a long winded metaphor, but I’m sticking with it…) and collated 10 of the greatest Electro House artists ever into one convenient list!

Check it out – the top 10 electro house acts around…

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Since the second most popular request after a dubstep tutorial was an electro lead synth, here it is!

Something to make Justice, Daft Punk and your friends jealous of how funky you be, yo!

Click here to for the electro tutorial on how to make a lead synth!


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