Have you ever wished that there was a “Sound epic” button on your synths, that you could just turn on and instantly everything would feel massive?

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While Drums and Bass are often the foundation of a good recording, the vocals are what the average ear will be following, and if they are punctuated with plosives and saturated with sibilance then even the least experienced listener will know something is dodgy!   Avoid those easy mistakes and improve your vocal takes with these 5 simple methods…

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The Kaoss Pad:   It’s a massively popular tool.   From the clunky original KP1 to the more streamlined(ish) KP2 and now with the fully customizeable KP3, it has consistantly provided an innovative way to add effects and quick shot samples to electronic music.   Even Matt Bellamy had to attach one to his guitar – so what we’re sorting out once and for all here is the answer to the question:

“Is it worth it?”

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When it comes to making powerful music, everyone has a different approach.   In my experience, synthesizers are a fantastic way to add instant epicosity (That’s totally a word now) to your music.

If we take some lessons from the genre of Trance music, that elusive epic feeling is garnered from careful management of highs and lows… loudness and quietness… buildups and breakouts.   I’m about to share with you some secrets to turn your track into an epic masterpiece!

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The MPC1000, being a massively versatile sampler, has a ton of effects on it (Even more with the upgraded JJOS), and two sliding controllers with which to operate these live.   However, the Kaoss Pad, apart from looking a lot more impressive, has got even more cool features that make it worth using in conjunction with the  MPC1000.   Here’s how I connect it in my electronics setup.

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