It’s high time for a new 7 day song, guys!

This month’s is sponsored by the awesome Tyson Willert, check him out at:

This month’s tutorial is on G Funk, Dr Dre’s genre of choice and a personal favourite of mine!

So put on your baggiest jeans and click here for day 1 of the G Funk tutorial, where I’ll teach you how to make a seriously punchy beat!

When genres are popularised by people with no formal musical education, chances are there are going to be a lot of terrible songs.

Look at Drum & Bass, Trance or… hmm… G Funk for example – But here I’ve sifted through the trash and found 10 totally freakin’ awesome G Funk rappers and producers and put together this convenient list…

The top 10 G Funk artists ever…

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Top 10 unintentionally hilarious rappers:

I love rap music. Let me just get that straight before I go into this list. I think there’s something about it which can be frickin’ cool as hell when it’s done right.


I think it is a hell of a challenge for a rapper to be that frickin’ cool without accidentally being hilarious. Here is a list I’ve wanted to compile for a while – the top 10 unintentionally hilarious rappers.

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At the request of a homeslice from the new boyinaband forum, I’ve made this video which explains how to program a heavy gangstuh hip hop beat!

Lowriders at the ready ;)

Check it out here!

I love electronic music, so getting an MPC1000 was a natural step for me.

I feel like I’ve been living in the stone age and suddenly an AI construct fell from the future and started explaining how time travel isn’t that hard when you really think about it. I’ve been working on a Korg Electribe A MKII, a Korg Electribe R MKII and a CD player for the past year with You and What Army. They did their job well, but the MPC1000 replaces the hell out of them. Continue reading »


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