After several requests I felt the need to create a seriously dirty Electro bass synth patch, accompanied by some seriously funky Electro House inspired by some seriously awesome French producers.

Gotta love the French for their poppy electronica!

Check out the tutorial here :D

Some people insist that metal is heavier than electronica. Here is the genre to show them to prove them wrong. Gabber (also known as Gabba or hardcore), literally translated, means “buddy” or “friend” – which has pretty much nothing to do with the style. Unless your friend is a bass drum so distorted and overdriven and generally mangled that it has obtained a musical tone. In which case say hi to him for me…

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That’s right, the release of the Garritan Personal Orchestra Reason Refill means you can finally have those professional quality orchestral samples in your Reason rack.

By latching on to the NN-XT sampler rack, it gives you easy, familiar access to all the great samples in an environment that can not only give you great sequencing tools for orchestral music, but this means a much simpler integration with other genres, for instance, electronica and hip hop!

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I would say that over half of the live bands I have seen that incorporate Electronica have done so with a MicroKORG.   I have a microKORG in my setup, so I know first-hand what it’s like to use live.   This article will cover the pros and cons of  the synth in a live environment.

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At the request of a message on Youtube, my third tutorial video has been uploaded!

Video Tutorial – Building a Trance Loop in Reason

Any more requests – just ask!

You could be the greatest songwriters and musicians in the world, but with a boring live show no-one will stick around to notice!   Here are some tried and tested ways to get your audience talking about your performance instead of over it whilst playing some of the smaller venues!

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