Okay, so I want to make a big fat immense sounding pad effect to compliment a beautiful high choir sample, but all the presets seem lacking. It is easy to assume that since none of the presets have that power, it is unfeasible to get the sound I’m looking for. WRONG! All it means is it’s time to take things into your own hands…

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There are a million people in the world trying to make brilliant quality music, but only a few of them seem to be able to transform those tinny synth presets into immense, powerful soundscapes. I have just figured out how, so it’s time to blow off the lid on this secret…

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With my recent spate of gabba inspired searches, I happened upon this little gem on youtube…

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Would you consider youself your band’s Synth Player?   Are you the guy in your band making the epic lead lines, phat beatz and obscure noises?   Well here are a few pieces of kit to check out:

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When it comes to making powerful music, everyone has a different approach.   In my experience, synthesizers are a fantastic way to add instant epicosity (That’s totally a word now) to your music.

If we take some lessons from the genre of Trance music, that elusive epic feeling is garnered from careful management of highs and lows… loudness and quietness… buildups and breakouts.   I’m about to share with you some secrets to turn your track into an epic masterpiece!

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My second tutorial video has been uploaded!

Video Tutorial – Making a Hard Hitting Dance Beat in Reason

Someone commented the youtube video saying they wanted to know how to make the beat, and so I have obliged ^_^

Anyone else got any requests?


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