Okay, so I want to make a big fat immense sounding pad effect to compliment a beautiful high choir sample, but all the presets seem lacking. It is easy to assume that since none of the presets have that power, it is unfeasible to get the sound I’m looking for. WRONG! All it means is it’s time to take things into your own hands…

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Okay – so you’ve made a synth effect that is awesome.   There’s power, that sense of space, it hits hard – everything you want, but it’s missing that certain something…

Movement.   Making a synth sound morph and warp as it plays is a brilliant way to make it more interesting to listen to.   And if you are too busy to ride the modulator wheel, LFOs (low frequency oscillators) are the key!

Here are 5 examples of cool things you can make with the help of an LFO…

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The Kaoss Pad:   It’s a massively popular tool.   From the clunky original KP1 to the more streamlined(ish) KP2 and now with the fully customizeable KP3, it has consistantly provided an innovative way to add effects and quick shot samples to electronic music.   Even Matt Bellamy had to attach one to his guitar – so what we’re sorting out once and for all here is the answer to the question:

“Is it worth it?”

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The MPC1000, being a massively versatile sampler, has a ton of effects on it (Even more with the upgraded JJOS), and two sliding controllers with which to operate these live.   However, the Kaoss Pad, apart from looking a lot more impressive, has got even more cool features that make it worth using in conjunction with the  MPC1000.   Here’s how I connect it in my electronics setup.

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