I’ve made a piece of music to the Final Fantasy XIII Game Trailer for my portfolio and Figured I’d share it with you – Check it out!

I did all the recording, performing, mixing and composition myself.   I figured Final Fantasy needed some frickin’ intense Drum and Bass Orchestral Metal.   Logically.

It was fun to make – expecially making the music play off the action, notice how the drum and bass follows the gunshots etc.?    And it’s fun making the obscure time signatures to match the flow of the video, like in the breakout in the middle.

What d’ya think? :)

Okay.   It is my understanding that Nu Rave comprises traditionally rock/metal elements, such as guitars, bass and drums, with traditionally electronic elements, such as samplers, synths and DJ setups in a well produced contemporary manner.

But hang on – hasn’t this been done before?

I’m not talking about the 80s, when electronica comprised hexagonal electronic percussion and a soundbank not out of place on a childrens keyboard, I’m talking about high quality synth based Rock music.

Lets have a look at some examples.

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Some of the best music ever written was played during boss battles, getting you pumped for that grand prix or taking your emotions to soaring heights in the plot-defining cut-scenes.   I have about 16 years of game-playing experience and here are the Top 10 Video Game Music Composers I have come across.

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My name is David Paul Brown. I am a boy in a band called “You and What Army“. This is my blog.

I started blogging at the beginning of this year as a new years resolution. All my blogs were posted to my personal myspace, in an attempt to keep a weekly chronicling of my life. So far so good!

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