Day 4 of the 7 day song takes us past the half way point of this Dance Pop Tutorial and brings with it the last of the synth patches being put together.

We look at a Gated Pad like Red One, a pitch bend lead found in a few Dance Pop hits and a sweet bass pad which is always good for added tension!

So go check it out!

Time to crack out the subwoofers and give this your dance pop piece some low end!

Day 2 shows how to create a bass akin to that of Lady Gaga’s tracks (Red One is a frickin’ DUDE!)

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Secret Shamers and Proud Pop Producers alike can come to learn about the biggest genre in the charts – Dance Pop Music!

Thanks to Propellerhead’s Music Making Month, this 7 day song tutorial will culminate in a live unveiling of the song and a Q&A!   Sweet!   So stay tuned to hear more about that.

Get started with your track in Day 1, where you’ll learn how to make a Dance Pop Beat!

How do you annoy Lady Gaga? :P

I thought I’d try doing a song in the charts that had some sweet synths in it – A bit of oscillator sync, mod bus routing with Thor and filter envelopes! All nicely summed up in under 10 minutes – what more could you want? :D

As usual, made with Reason 4.

Check it out!

In this tutorial I make an Awesome Dance Lead synth with propelleheads reason 4!

I also explain about Oscillator Sync (Osc Sync) and how it’s totally frickin’ sweet.   It’s the effect heard on Sandstorm – Darude, Lady Gaga – Pokerface and pretty much 90% of the F-Zero GX soundtrack (Awesome game btw)

If you have a tutorial request just send it my way either here or on my website

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That makes it sound like it’s an old friend.


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