You voted and so I did it – this is the painful harsh lead synth tutorial!   It’s pretty piercing, so if you like music that sounds nice, chances are you won’t enjoy this.

It’s ideal for glitch hop and industrial, but the techniques can be used in other genres too!

Check it out here :D

I’ve had several requests for a tutorial explaining how to make a gated lead in Reason, so I went ahead and made it – I make the lead for the You and What Army song “At Lightspeed”, since the EP is out this week I figured it fit in nicely :)

Check it out here!

In this tutorial I make an Awesome Dance Lead synth with propelleheads reason 4!

I also explain about Oscillator Sync (Osc Sync) and how it’s totally frickin’ sweet.   It’s the effect heard on Sandstorm – Darude, Lady Gaga – Pokerface and pretty much 90% of the F-Zero GX soundtrack (Awesome game btw)

If you have a tutorial request just send it my way either here or on my website

Click here to visit the tutorial!

That makes it sound like it’s an old friend.

I’m back in the swing of making tutorial videos!

I’ve been writing loooads of dance and trance lately so I thought for a change of pace I’d do a bit of the ol’ hip hop!   That high pitched almost painful lead effect found in the old school gangstuh rap is now yours to command!

Just head over here for the tutorial!

I was fortunate enough to be able to test out the “Nexus” VSTi recently and I just HAVE to say something about it.

It is absolutely incredible.   The quality of the presets is unrivalled.   As a Reason user I just wish it was build into reason to avoid playing around with too many plugins, but it is definately worth the hassle.

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My second tutorial video has been uploaded!

Video Tutorial – Making a Hard Hitting Dance Beat in Reason

Someone commented the youtube video saying they wanted to know how to make the beat, and so I have obliged ^_^

Anyone else got any requests?


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