For some reason I’ve been really feeling the lighter side of music (probably a polar reaction after making the Dirty Dubstep 7 day song) so I put together a sweet little sample pack for people making liquid drum and bass!

I called it liquid hits because I enjoy rhyme.

25 kicks, snares, claps and hats that are all nice and driving without being too overwhelming.

Right click and click “save as” on this link to download the samples!

Let me know if you have any ideas for next month’s sample pack in a comment below!

Hey there guys!   We’re at the end of our spiritual-ish journey through Liquid Drum and Bass!

Today I’ll impart some advice to you guys regarding mixing and mastering the genre, then show you the final 7 day song.

Click here for day 7 of the 7 day song liquid drum and bass tutorial!

Anyone who’s into their Muse or just loves the sound of authentic instruments in large caves will love this tutorial!

Exploring reverb, delay, distortion and more in this spacey piano/sample strings extravaganza!

Click here for day 5 of the 7 day song liquid drum and bass tutorial!

Some simple lead synths are coming your way!

A couple of really quick tutorials that discuss some techniques like portamento, comb filtering and wavetable oscillators!

Click here for day 4 of the 7 day song liquid drum and bass tutorial!

It’s time to lay back and close those eyes with some gorgeous, relaxing synths to help you unwind!

A big, warm pad and a glassy, high pitched lead to fill out your tracks nicely.

Click here for day 3 of the 7 day song liquid tutorial!

Today brings a great gift to those of you who like it deep!

A smooth bass that makes women swoon and talented jazz musicians go “DAAAYUMN!”

Click here for day 2 of the 7 day song reason 4 tutorial!


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