When it comes to electronic music, different people have different approaches to performing it live – from Laptops to Turntables to more obscure live instruments, from pre-programmed to a faithful live recreation layer by layer.

But whether it’s incredible talent or an intense atmosphere people are there for, every live show must be entertaining – that is the whole point!

Here are 10 of the most awesomely entertaining live Electronic music live acts in existence.

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If you hear the word “Crunk” as a description of music, you aren’t instinctively going to think it’s something intelligent or necessarily worth listening to.   Crunk is a genre that may or may not have died (Though Lil’ John’s “Crunk ain’t Dead” necklace seems to say otherwise, he *might* be a bit biased.) but as with all music, there are elements from it that were useful that we can learn from!

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If you are in a rave band, or know of a rave band that is worth checking out, post a comment to this blog with it!

This list’s definition of a Rave band is any live band that incorporates traditionally electronic (i.e. trance, drum and bass etc.) elements into a rock band environment.

The list so far:

- You and What Army
- Myth of Unity
- Out from Animals
- Silent Descent
- Spectrum 7
- Celldweller

What else?   Let’s get this list off the ground!

Would you consider youself your band’s Synth Player?   Are you the guy in your band making the epic lead lines, phat beatz and obscure noises?   Well here are a few pieces of kit to check out:

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The Kaoss Pad:   It’s a massively popular tool.   From the clunky original KP1 to the more streamlined(ish) KP2 and now with the fully customizeable KP3, it has consistantly provided an innovative way to add effects and quick shot samples to electronic music.   Even Matt Bellamy had to attach one to his guitar – so what we’re sorting out once and for all here is the answer to the question:

“Is it worth it?”

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I would say that over half of the live bands I have seen that incorporate Electronica have done so with a MicroKORG.   I have a microKORG in my setup, so I know first-hand what it’s like to use live.   This article will cover the pros and cons of  the synth in a live environment.

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