When you’ve finished your piece of music, you need a little something to turn it into a masterpiece – the “master” part!

Mastering is a vital link in the production chain. The final polish that will tidy the track up, ready for the masses to enjoy. But what does audio mastering involve? And how do you use those tools?

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Mastering your own tracks is a difficult process – there is a lot to learn and a lot of techniques to master (no pun intended (seriously; that would have been a terrible pun)), but here’s somewhere for you to brush up and learn some of the most useful techniques!

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My second tutorial video has been uploaded!

Video Tutorial – Making a Hard Hitting Dance Beat in Reason

Someone commented the youtube video saying they wanted to know how to make the beat, and so I have obliged ^_^

Anyone else got any requests?

Alright!   After two days of messing around with aspect ratios and codecs (The non-solid snake kind) I’ve uploaded my first tutorial video to the boyinaband youtube!

Check it out:

Making an Epic Trance Lead effect in Reason (Using the Malstrom Synth)


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