There are a lot of different types of Drum and Bass – Dark tracks, Chilled tracks, Poppy tracks… But here I’m focusing on the cool ones.   The ones that make your face contort like someone implanted some iron in one of your cheeks and then held a magnet near your head.   The ones that make you do that Ali G finger clicky thing when you hear them (Well, if you can do it – I never figured it out).

Here are the top 5 frickin’ cool Drum and Bass Anthems ever…

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Without realising it, I grew up on Drum and Bass.

I played a lot of video games and watched a lot of kids TV cartoons. Thanks to the “X-Treme” marketing phenomenon of the late 90s, you could pretty much guarantee that the TV Spot advertising “Super X Power Force” (I wish there was a TV series called that) would contain some pumping drum and bass loops.

However, shockingly enough, Drum and Bass didn’t originate in Dreamcast-based Sonic the Hedgehog games and overzealous advertisements. But where did it originate? Let’s ask some questions…

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Are you getting into the whole dubstep scene and find yourself a little lost when it comes to finding quality tuneage? Well this blog should give you 5 starting points from which you can go exploring into several totally radical unnecessarily bass-heavy heavens!

You can also buy this one.   Yay!

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Here are’s top 5 dubstep artists to check out if you are new to the scene…

Warning: This is an old list – I made a mix for the best dubstep producers of 2012 in the following video if you want the up to date version!:

Links to the producers in the video:

Check out Malleus:
Check out Mizuki’s Last Chance:
Check out Dorincourt:
Check out Klaypex:
Check out Noisestorm:

And the top 5 for 2009 was…

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Okay.   It is my understanding that Nu Rave comprises traditionally rock/metal elements, such as guitars, bass and drums, with traditionally electronic elements, such as samplers, synths and DJ setups in a well produced contemporary manner.

But hang on – hasn’t this been done before?

I’m not talking about the 80s, when electronica comprised hexagonal electronic percussion and a soundbank not out of place on a childrens keyboard, I’m talking about high quality synth based Rock music.

Lets have a look at some examples.

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