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Wondering how to make your synths more professional and interesting?   Here are 10 suggestions for things to do to your sounds, from pretty conventional ones to downright destructive ones!

Here are 10 plug-ins to improve your synths…
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When I recorded music for the first time I was self taught, and didn’t realise the importance of amp modelling when you recorded guitar. Making a good sounding distorted guitar is all about the amp and mic you record it with. But it doesn’t have to be.

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I was recently introduced to a trance synth called “Adventus”

Now as someone who is now very used to having everything I want in one place (Reason) I was a bit sceptical to going back to a plug in for my sounds.

But I was not disappointed; Adventus has a whole host of sounds that make your trance sound pro instantly. No tweaking the effects for hours until you finally get that dancefloor-filling sound, it just has it. And about 50 others besides. It’s fantastic.

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