Man, I love videos like this – seeing how companies grew to what they are.  

Especially when those companies make my synth software of choice!

I dream of building a company that innovates like that. Are you guys excited about Reason 5 yet?

Hey guys,

Looking around the internet I found this video review of reason 5 and some of the amazing new devices and features it’ll have and figured I should share it with you.

Cool, eh?! :D

At the request of a youtube comment, I made this tutorial for making a hardstyle bass patch in reason using Thor and a few other bits n’ bobs!

Also explains about sidechaining in Reason and why it is awesome.

Head over there with this link!

At the request of a youtube message, I’ve made a tutorial describing how to make a strong bass effect in Reason using the Thor synth!


Video Tutorial – Making a powerful trance bass synth in reason

If you have any other suggestions for tutorials, don’t hesitate to contact me and ask!


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