Boyinaband’s next guest tutorial brings us subvibe’s bassy time!

If you like what you hear, grab their free EP:

Which includes my remix of “Burn” –

Let’s take a look at pulveriser in part 2 of this Reason 6 Dubstep Song Commentary!

Apparently commentary videos are “LP” – Stands for “Let’s Play”, rather than the musical terminology I was familiar with.   I’m learning, yay!

I had an e-mail from reader Ash…

Hi David,

Firstly thanks for putting in so much time & energy making a great website that I’m sure many people such as myself get to benefit from.  It’s great that you’ve done all those brilliant tutorials, well filmed and narrated.  It’s funny how I found your site – my new american girlfriend told me about this Saturday Night Live sketch – “I’m on a Boat” and that eventually led me via Youtube to your site.  Being into music production, I of course then spent hours reading your site and looking at the tutorials – I love how serendipitous the internet can be!

Anyway enough waffling and onto my main question.  I’m getting back into music production (as a hobby for now but I’d like to make more of it) after a break for a few years.  Last time I was playing around with this stuff it was Cubase SX 2.0 and Reason (2.0?).  Anyway, I am looking at what software I should use now – the market has changed a lot, all the packages have tried to become all-encompassing – even Ableton Live is now purporting to be a production/recording suite.  I’m tempted to have another play with Reason 4, but I want to make sure I invest my learning curve in something that can go “all the way” …

So, the question is: do you believe that Reason 4 is a serious music production tool – can it be used to produce a professional quality track to the standard that other software (e.g. Logic, for example) can?  That is really my only doubt about Reason, holding me back from buying a copy.  I’ve had fun with Reason before and I guess it’s easy to see it as a scratchpad, something for prototyping, because it is quite dinky and novel to use – but perhaps I’m judging it unfairly and missing its power?

Anyway – I hope you can find time to answer me!

Best wishes

Ash Dando

Yeah, I left in that first paragraph partly for my ego’s benefit and partly because I frickin’ love the word “serendipitous“.

But yes – the question.   Can Reason be used as a production tool to rival the big players like Logic?   My answer…

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I hope all you reason 4 heads are watching!   Day 2 of the Drum and Bass 7 Day Song tutorial is now online with explanations for making a powerful sub bass and a cool Reese Bass!

I even explain what a Reese Bass is.

I’ll stop saying “Reese Bass” now.

But I’ll start again when you watch this video! :D

Hey guys!

I’ve been busy last week cooking up a sweet D&B tracks so I can show you how to make Drum and Bass with the new 7 Day Song tutorial!

I had to make day 1 a two parter since there was so much to say about the beat!

Check out the first tutorial for how to make a powerful, crisp Drum and Bass Beat here!

The first seven day song tutorial has come to an end!   Head over to day 7′s page to hear the final song, then jump on youtube to post your dubstep song as a video response!

Cheers for following along, guys!

Check it out here


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