I’ve recently been given the opportunity to check out the “XXL Hip Hop Drums Sample Pack” from primeloops.com – I used it in my 7 day song Hip Hop tutorial, so I’ve got a decent amount of experience with it!

Before anyone asks – I do get paid for adverts on my site from primeloops, but I was not paid to make this review – I do completely independant reviews so they can be credible and objective – if this pack sucked, I’d say so. Continue reading »

I’ll have to do this review a little differently to the other boyinaband.com reviews – The Pure Chronic Hip Hop Grooves pack from Primeloops.com isn’t a set of individual samples, so I won’t be making a song out of it. Instead it has taken a different approach.

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Since discovering the genre I’ve wanted to make a Glitch Hop song, but wasn’t sure where to start.

And since Boyinaband is sponsored by the awesome Primeloops, I offered to do a review for their Glitch Hop sample packs, since the demos on their site sounded frickin’ ace.

As will become customary with my reviews, I believe the best way to show how good a sample pack is is to make a song with it. So here it is: My first ever glitch hop song, made with the Glitch Cuts sample pack and the Glitch Hop Drum Loops sample pack.

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Making quality Dubstep can be a challenge.

I was recently asked to do a review for the Primeloops Sample Pack – “Dubstep Producer”, so I did so in the only way I thought credible – I made a song.

It’s all very well and good someone saying how good the samples are, but I figure you need something to listen to.  So here it is: My original composition made entirely with the Dubstep Producer Sample Pack.

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I would say that over half of the live bands I have seen that incorporate Electronica have done so with a MicroKORG.   I have a microKORG in my setup, so I know first-hand what it’s like to use live.   This article will cover the pros and cons of  the synth in a live environment.

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Blogging can be tricky.   You start out full of ideas, but as you work your way through them you can be left with what I like to call bloggers block. (I say like to call; I just invented that phrase now… but I will totally call it that from now on.)   Here are a few tricks I’ve found that help you think of fresh blogging material!

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