And the last day of this 7 day spotlight with Shirobon concludes with a tour around his home studio.

I bet you’ll want one of those Otamatones now!

Today in the penultimate episode of the first 7 day spotlight, Shirobon gives some quality tips on how to use his Talk Box!

Formanteriffic synths abound!

Time to take a look into what Shirobon’s personal opinions on the music industry and his experiences with it are!

Today in the 7 Day Spotlight, Shirobon gets interviewed and reveals his deepest, darkest production secrets to the world!

In day 3 of the 7 Day Spotlight, Shirobon shows you how to assemble a Sweet Sync Lead Synth! (How many “S”s does that sentence need?)

In day 2 of the 7 Day Spotlight, Shirobon shows you a Dance track he’s been working on, explaining how he made the different elements in it and what techniques he uses to mix and master the song.

It’s a freakin’ cool song too.   Gotta love that bass.


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