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Wondering how to make your synths more professional and interesting?   Here are 10 suggestions for things to do to your sounds, from pretty conventional ones to downright destructive ones!

Here are 10 plug-ins to improve your synths…
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You voted and so I did it – this is the painful harsh lead synth tutorial!   It’s pretty piercing, so if you like music that sounds nice, chances are you won’t enjoy this.

It’s ideal for glitch hop and industrial, but the techniques can be used in other genres too!

Check it out here :D

After several requests I felt the need to create a seriously dirty Electro bass synth patch, accompanied by some seriously funky Electro House inspired by some seriously awesome French producers.

Gotta love the French for their poppy electronica!

Check out the tutorial here :D

I recently got an e-mail from reader Brandon saying:

i love music and dibble in it i make hip hop music and i love reason, the problem i have is i love to sample but i really want to create my own sounds, my question to you is where did you learn about synths? i watch you and i try to take notes on what does what and why your doing it but i still get a little lost so im just wondering where did you learn about these things there are alot of good synths in hip hop now (i.e The Dream she rocking that thing  , jamie foxx blame it on the) but what are you listening  for when you remake them?

And my response was…

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Thanks to a request, I decided to look into some more professional production techniques and developed this ace trance bass synth effect while working on a hard trance/metal song for my band You and What Army.

Think of it as a follow-up to my other powerful trance bass synth tutorial, which is currently my most popular youtube video!

It uses the RPG-8 Arpeggiator (a joke I only just got today, go me.) and Thor, as well as the MClass mastering suite in its entirety to give a professional quality synth.

Check it out!

In this tutorial I make an Awesome Dance Lead synth with propelleheads reason 4!

I also explain about Oscillator Sync (Osc Sync) and how it’s totally frickin’ sweet.   It’s the effect heard on Sandstorm – Darude, Lady Gaga – Pokerface and pretty much 90% of the F-Zero GX soundtrack (Awesome game btw)

If you have a tutorial request just send it my way either here or on my website

Click here to visit the tutorial!

That makes it sound like it’s an old friend.


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