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Over the past few decades, video games have become a vital part of the music industry.

With licensed soundtracks, original theme songs and games that are entirely music-based dominating the video game charts, they certainly pack a punch when it comes to promoting popular music.

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This blog was written for – check them out for some ace samples and to see my blogs 2 months earlier!

Video games are huge.

Over the past few decades, video gaming has progressed from a few lab coat-clad geeks playing virtual tennis to become the most lucrative industry in the entertainment world – surpassing movies and even the music industry in terms of sales in 2008 – so to any naysayers who still think of video games as a childish hobby, it’s time to crawl out of the rock you’ve been living under.

With that growth established, you might be able to appreciate it a bit more when I say that the music within those games has grown on a par with their popularity – but what happened along the way?   How did we get from piercing sine waves to the epic, interactive musical scores, sound design and dialogue we have today?

It all started with…

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I’ve made a piece of music to the Final Fantasy XIII Game Trailer for my portfolio and Figured I’d share it with you – Check it out!

I did all the recording, performing, mixing and composition myself.   I figured Final Fantasy needed some frickin’ intense Drum and Bass Orchestral Metal.   Logically.

It was fun to make – expecially making the music play off the action, notice how the drum and bass follows the gunshots etc.?    And it’s fun making the obscure time signatures to match the flow of the video, like in the breakout in the middle.

What d’ya think? :)

Some of the best music ever written was played during boss battles, getting you pumped for that grand prix or taking your emotions to soaring heights in the plot-defining cut-scenes.   I have about 16 years of game-playing experience and here are the Top 10 Video Game Music Composers I have come across.

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