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  1. First i would like to say that what you guys are doing has been helping me find my golden path to electronic music.It is more then a simple inspiration, this site should be like the Mecca of every dj/producer. I’m a very big fan of Current Value and Audio, so i would like to ask you if you could upload a tutorial examplaining how the hell to they get that fuckin awesome sound. It would be great if i finnaly get a good CV bass of it:P. Thanks a bunch. You guys ROCK!!! \m/

  2. You da man, keep em coming.

  3. hey whats up i like the sky line beat but there something i got to ask how the fuck do you make DNB i cant seem to get past the drums. the bas and the clap easy but when i comes down to hi hats melodies i get lost horribly and it sucks. plus i have garageband and its not like the programs you have. help me out here peace GK out

  4. Ok I’m very impressed about your skills but You are missing a style much more harder to make, much more technical and conceptual!

    What about Darkpsy??? Can you make it? A really god darkpsy track??? I would like to see that!

    All the best,

  5. Hey man, just wanted to thank you for these tutorials, they are really great. im just starting but i can already tell im going to learn so much. if it wasnt for this site, i seriously would not know where to start man. God bless man!!!

  6. Amazing Work man! Keep Poppin!

  7. to cool for school

  8. Hey dave can u make a tutorial on how to make a space laces -torture style song?? Mainly focusing on doing the complex part of the song and the main lead synth. Will apreciate it alot

  9. Dave, I absolutely love your tutorials. Not only have I made a few tracks based on your tutorials, but you’ve taught me enough to be able to make my own instruments and sounds. I love sitting at my piano for hours at a time just messing with different effects etc to see what I can come up with!

    I do have a request, though, I’ve seen videos of your DJing skills, would it be possible for you to do a 7 day DJ tutorial? After all, we have to present our music eventually, and knowing how to mix tracks together and make it sound really professional is a lot better than just mashing a play button and moving a crossfader.
    If not, could you point me in the right direction to learn the tricks of that trade? I have a hercules turntable and serato itch (and virtual DJ that came with my turntables) but other than some basic cues I’m pretty clueless.

    Thanks Dave, you’re awesome.

  10. Really great tuts, head and shoulders above many other video tutorials. I suppose if everyone is throwing their hats into the ring for requests, glitch-hop? Or would we just use the hip-hop and muck it about a little?

    Again, great work

  11. [...] 100+ Video Electronic Music Production Tutorials [...]

  12. Your the man! Big ups on the tutorials! When are you
    Releasing more, I need a fix! I live the 7 day songs. I love trying new approaches to tracks and see how others do it!

    Your the man! Thanks for this stuff

  13. Hi Dave, I’ve been using Reason for a very short time, but your videos have helped so much, I think I speak for everyone who comes to this site when I say that we really appreciate all the hard work and effort you put into these tutorials. I’ve been experimenting with Liquid DnB, Darkstep, Electro and House. What i’d Really like to get into producing is Funky BreatBeat, it’s just so fun to mix with that i’d like a go at creating my own, and I believe that you’d be able to provide the basic building blocks for this. Thanks for all the hard work man


  14. thank you

  15. Dave…Your the man for doing this. I’m the type of person that has been into music all my life. I’ve DJ’d, I’ve played in a band, I’ve gone to school for engineering, and I once beleived that I was actually put on this earth to do this… Over the past few years I’ve had to deal with well…Life. I see everyone around me doing what they love, Djing every week, producing tunes for over seas labels… I on the other hand am doing nothing. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not going out like that!!! I have have something to give….. My problem, is everything I do is never good enough, or I’ll sit in reason for hours and then close it and never open the track again. I love your 7 day tutorials because its not only teaching tiny tips and tricks but its pulling everything together as a actual track which is what I’ve always been missing. Are there any sites like yours Free or pay that you would recommend? I feel the more I can just get down to it and practice / play, I can finally take over the world.. Giving you the credit you so honestly deserve that is….
    Your the f-in man!

  16. Thank you, thank you finally someone/ video tutorial educator and a DOPE producer, that breaks everything down and even helps you understand the reasons behind it. You and this website have been more than helpful. When I break out of this shell and start touring the world, I’ll have to mention how much you have helped. Much respect,

    Peace & Blessings

  17. I have no reason to use reason.

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