Jump Up DnB Tutorial Day 3: Adding Pads [7 Day Song]

Hi! I’m Dave from boyinaband.com and welcome to day 3 of the 7 day song on Jump Up Drum and Bass collaboration with Noisestorm.

Yesterday we created the bass, and today we’ll get our hands on the pads to fill out the track.

There are two different pads, one is kinda deadmau5-y with an almost distorted church organ kinda vibe, and the other higher pitched one feels more synth-y and string-y. Appending “-y” to any word makes it an authentic technical term.

So let’s get started with the first pad.

Combinator, name it, line mixer 6:2, then make a thor instance. Initialize and open it up.

I’ll add in some notes now.

Now make an analog osc on the default saw wave for a nice harsh beginning to the sound. We’re not going to be using this filter so you can remove that to get a better idea of what each oscillator is doing.

Number two is a multi osc, a little less detuned so it’s not quite as messy Let’s run it through and take it down an octave.

Lastly, wavetable oscillator on the default basic analog, bring it up an octave and up to about 35 position, which is somewhere between a sine wave and a triangle wave, and this gives a nice warm overtone to the otherwise harsh sound, which is why it ends up like a clavinet or church organ more than an intense distorted industrial synth. So if you’re into aggressive, regimented German electronica and wandered 3 days into this tutorial series by mistake, don’t bother with that part.

Now would be a good time to bring the sustain to full so it doesn’t lose volume over time.

Okay, so we have our basis for the sound, but it’s still lacking – turn on the shaper onto hard clip with ? drive. There we go, getting some grit in there now, but as Stan Lee said, with great grit comes great responsibility.

We must leave room in our mix for our bassline to sit comfortably, so EQ that pad at 140hz down 13dB and a bit wider on the bandwidth, or as it’s written – Q.

Okay so we have the bottom of the lower pad, it still could do with a top end to balance it out – y’know, a Yin to the Yang, a light to the darkness, a Laurie to the Fry. That kinda thing.

So make a new initialized thor instance, this time with analog and 2 multi oscs, up one and two octaves respectively, then into a state variable high pass filter at 200hz to remove the lows entirely, then a low pass filter in slot 3 at 5khz so it’s not too high – we’ll add a separate higher pad so we have more control over the top end of our frequency spectrum later.

So there’s our pad’s raw tone. Let’s chuck in an initialized RV7000 reverb into the mixer and dial it in a quarter on each so we have some blending and it feels a little less dry.

Now, to finish off, let’s add a compressor to the whole thing, linking the side chain output from the drums to it and bringing the threshold riiight down to -28dB and ratio up to taste, I like it pretty much full.

Then it’s a case of adjusting the volume and voila! The first pad is complete. However, Fry here is getting kinda lonely without Laurie, so let’s go make him in part 2. I love an excuse for an extended metaphor.

You know, I almost don’t think it was worth bothering with a whole separate video for the next synth since inside our combinator it’s just a mixer with initialized thor, two multi oscillators with one up an octave, full sustain for the consistant volume and an initialized reverb applied quite heavily to the mixer channel.

Well, look at that, I made it in a paragraph. I’ll add in some notes and… yep. Chuck on the compressor for the side-chain pumping, add another spider splitter if the drum patch needs it… sorted.

There is a nice little even higher pad to add to this collection though, so let’s jump onto that before you start sending me hate mail for making you endure another 5 seconds of buffering a video.

Similar kinda setup actually, so feel free to copy and paste the last pad, then the only differences are adding a bit of delay for a more accentuated tail and…uh… no wait, that’s it. Uh… yeah, so uh… here’s a complimentary cursor dance to make this video worthwhile.

And there we have it. Some pads more complimentary than a painfully lonely guy desperately attempting to make a girl he just met pay him some attention, blissfully ignorant of the fact that if he picked out tiny flaws in her appearance instead she’d probably end up marrying him.

Join me tomorrow for day 4 where we’ll explore the magical world of lead synths, making a detour through arpeggio alley on the way. Kinda like Diagon Alley, but with lots of unnecessary stairs.

See ya!


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