Recording Distorted Guitar Tutorial Part 2: Positioning the Microphone

Hi, I’m Dave from

And I’m Kieran from

And Today we’ll be looking at how positioning microphones differently at the guitar amp changes the tone of the guitar.

We’re going to be looking at 3 different things today – The position of the mic on the speaker, The angle of the microphone and the distance of the microphone from the amp.

We’ll be using the SM57 microphone on kieran’s line6 vendetta HD amp and line6 cab.

Let’s start with the position of the mic on the speaker.   I’ll switch between the mic being positioned at the center of the speaker and being positioned at the edge of the speaker, so you can hear the difference and decide which tone you prefer!

I’m pretty sure Kieran wants to be an astronaut deep down, so let’s position him on Mars.   Hey Kieran, remind us what your name and website are, then tell us what you’re going to play for us today.

Hi, I’m Kieran from and this is the guitar part to my band “You and What Army”‘s “25200 Degrees”.

This is the mic at the center of the speaker

And this is at the edge of the speaker

Very well played Kieran, especially considering the lack of oxygen.   As you can hear, having the mic positioned at the center of the cone provides a Beefier tone, with the low and mids really powerful, whereas at the side of the cone the tone is much more towards the high end, meaning greater clarity, but less power.

Next, let’s try altering the angle of the mic.   To compensate, let’s alter the angle of the Kieran as well.

This is the mic pointing straight at the speaker

And this is the mic angled 45 degrees to the speaker

Very well played Kieran, especially considering your acute change in angle… Ha! Ha!   Let’s move on.

As you can hear, the angled mic has a much less bassy and muddy tone than the straight mic, making it clearer and brighter, but also gives a loss in power as a result.

Lastly for this video, let’s take a look at distance.   To artistically reflect that, we’re going to move Kieran far back into the distance.   Wow, you can still make out his perfect jawbone.

This is the mic close to the speaker

And this is the mic moved away from the speaker.

Very well played Kieran!   You can come back now.   With this technique, you can hear the muddy, bassiness of the guitar is gone and the tone is much clearer.

So in conclusion, we’ve learned that each of these techniques prove that the closer and more direct to the source of the guitar amp, the muddier and more powerful it’ll become.   And also that Kieran would make a good Rock Star Astronaut.

And there we have it!   Join us for part 3 where we’ll be looking at what effect the size of the amp has on the sound, as well as playing with some settings on the head of the amp!

See you next time!


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