Tutorial: How to open a .rar file

Hi, I’m Dave from boyinaband.com and I’m going to teach you how to open a .rar file.

A .rar file is a compressed version of other files, so they take up less space on your computer – making it really good for downloading big files, since it will take less time to download than an uncompressed file.

Let’s use one of my sample packs as an example.   Right click the download link and save it.

Now, if you don’t already have winrar it’ll be an unrecognised file type.   To get WinRAR, go to the link in the video description:


Then click “download now”.   Wait a while, then click “Save file” on the prompt that appears.

When it’s downloaded, open the file you downloaded and install WinRAR by following the on-screen instructions.

Once it’s installed, look at the .rar file you downloaded earlier – it will be associated with WinRAR – double click it.   Now the file will open in WinRAR.   Click “Extract to” and select a folder to extract to and click ok.

Open the file you just extracted to and voila!   There are all the files.


4 Responses to “Tutorial: How to open a .rar file”

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  2. Your tutorials are very well delivered, i’ve been using reasons for a number of years, had i seen your tutorials way back when… Keep up the good work. I hope people appreciate what you are doing for them.

  3. amm.. I’m a mac user and when I save the download link, it only opens the code. it doesn’t show it self as far file. only TXT. I think I’v already solved this problem before you have time to answer me :D but I need help.!

  4. I can´t find the free sample pack (Dubstep)

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