Video Tutorial: Making a Pitched Snare Roll in Reason (Dirty South / Crunk stylee!)

Hi!   I’m Dave from and on this tutorial I’ll be showing you how to make a pitched snare roll like those heard in pretty much every crunk or dirty south song you can think of.

Download the patch and sample used in this tutorial here:

Download Reason tutorial files

This is a useful quick tutorial that will show you how to use the NN-XT sampler with non-pitched samples – I find this is a much easier way to accomplish the effect than with automation, as many other people use for this technique.

Okay – first, create an instance of nn-xt, run it through a compressor to bring up the sound to a consistant level, and then through an RV7000 reverb unit to add a bit of a subtle tail end to the sound so it sits in the mix better.

So – making the effect.   Right click the NN-XT instance and initialize the patch.   Right click in the column where it says “Sample”, then click “Add zone”.   Double click where it says “No Sample”, then choose a sample to use.   I’ve got this very crunk 808 snare from my free crunk/dirty south drum sample pack on my website.

This bar along the notes in the right hand column shows which notes will trigger this sample.   You can click it and extend it by dragging the squares, but for this instance it is not really important.

So now we’ve made the effect, let’s add it into the sequencer.   It doesn’t really matter which notes you’re using, since it’s not a pitched sample.   Just add in some at lower and lower pitches and make a cool rhythm and there’s your stereotypical dirty south snare roll!   Sweet!


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  1. Never mind Dave I found it.

    Thank you.

  2. How did u make the drums sound like that?

  3. Thanks for the tips!!!

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