Video Tutorial – Making an Awesome Heavy Gangstuh Hip Hop Beat (Like Dr Dre!)

Yo! I’m Dave from, and this is my tutorial on how to make a ridiculously heavy gangstuh beat, similar to those made by Dr Dre.

This tutorial will cover more advanced routing with ReDrum and some useful stuff on effects like Compression and Stereo Imaging to make the beat sound more professional.

This tutorial was made as a request, so if you want to know how to make a particular beat or synth sound, drop me a message!

You can download the tutorial files and samples here:

Download Reason Tutorial Files

The thing to remember with this type of beat is it’s all about layering and compression – the snare is composed of 3 different samples that are compressed like crazy until it sounds sufficiently powerful to get those lowriders bouncing.

Okay! Let’s begin.

1. Right click on the reason interface and create a combinator – this will hold all the devices we’re going to use to make this beat.

2. Right click inside the combinator and create a line mixer 6:2, then click it and create an instance of re-drum.

3. Load up the drumkit (As I’ve said in previous tutorials – with all drum beats the beat is only as good as the samples it’s made from! You can’t make a good beat with bad samples!) You can download the kit used in this tutorial, and all the samples from my website,

4. This beat comprises 2 kicks, 3 claps and a hi-hat from the kit to create the loop. Let’s start with the kicks – put them on 1, 9 and 11 of the redrum sequencer for both kicks, and to add a bit of shuffle, I’ve added one on 16 as well, and turned on the “shuffle” button. This gives it that cool, laid back feel, whilst still being powerful.

5. Put the hats on every step, and then put the clap (all 3!) on 5 and 13. We now have the basis for our beat!

6. Now we’re going to do some routing – we’re about to add some effects to the snare, but don’t want them on our kicks or hi hat, so press the “tab” key to flip the reason rack, and drag wires from the channels of the kicks and hat to the line mixer above the instance of ReDrum. This stops these samples going through the stereo out, meaning we can apply the effects we want on the snare directly to the stereo redrum output.

7. Now for those effects! Right click ReDrum and create an MClass Stereo Imager. This unit will widen the sound so the whole track feels more powerful and the snare is the focus of the beat – a good trick when mixing is to make the most powerful, focal part of the music wider in the stereo field than the other instruments. Take the crossover frequency down to 1/4 and the hi band up to just under 3/4 – this makes the top end of the snare more prominent. This will be more noticeable in the next step.

8. Now, create an MClass Compressor and turn the input gain, threshold and ratio up to max. This will compress the decay of the snare a bit more and in general get the level up.

9. Next, add an MClass Maximiser. Turn the gain up to full, add the 4ms look ahead and listen – the snare is a lot louder – the maximiser is a limiter which makes the snare as loud as possible without distorting. Awesome!

10. Finally, Add a little reverb – Create an instance of RV7000 advanced reverb and turn the Dry/Wet to about a quarter.

11. Mix to taste, and buy a really cool, expensive car with some speakers worthy of pumping this awesome beat!

Incidentally, if you haven’t checked out my band “You and What Army” yet, you probably should; it’s all about powerful, epic music! The beat currently playing it from the track “Starcadia” – head over to our myspace and give it a listen :) Cheers for watching!


4 Responses to “Video Tutorial – Making an Awesome Heavy Gangstuh Hip Hop Beat (Like Dr Dre!)”

  1. love your work man! helps allot! when i load the samples i can download here it says some sounds could not be found.. what am i doing wrong here?

  2. good example…alot of of rappers use this…back n da days it was all in the hook it’s all in one program…

  3. I might rap over this!

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