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I apologise for the interruption in the video announcement, it was quite unexpected. Enjoy the album! There are quite a lot of songs in it.

Something a little different:

And that unrelenting dubstep 140bpm is pretty unforgiving when it comes to pace, so here’s a version to clarify things:

If you were to
Zoom in
phase out
move in
focus on this human
whose cells magnify
as you fly through them, and see  Continue reading »

And those genres:

1. Ambient
2. Baroque
3. Chiptune
4. Dubstep
5. Emo
6. Folk
7. Grunge
8. Horrorcore
9. IDM
10. Jazz
11. K-Pop
12. Latin
13. Math Metal
14. Noise
15. Opera
16. Polka
17. Quan Ho
18. Reggae
19. Ska
20. Trap
21. UK Garage
22. Viking Metal
23. Wonky
24. Xoomii
25. Yodel
26. Zouk

Hey, my homeslices!   A friend of mine has recently started up a music blog called traxx24, which has a sweet collection of posts so far and totally sounds like it could be an awesome arcade racing game.   It’s mostly about music marketing if you’re looking to get inspired for methods of promoting your tracks, but with an EDM edge to it.

There’s a really useful one collating a bunch of crowd-funding sites if you’re looking to harness your audience, some insightful interviews and a bunch of production-related tutorials to come.

Take a look and let him know if you have any ideas for posts or tutorials through his contact page, I know I always appreciated people giving ideas especially when I was starting out!

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Hi! I’m Dave from and today I’m going to talk about something I see looooads in the comments of musical videos on YouTube. The “Yeah? Well you can’t do it so shut up!” argument.

You know, you’ll find a performance where some weird looking guy is playing away on his MPC and then you’ll see someone post a comment criticising it, saying “That sounds crap, and looks really easy to play, that’s not impressive at all, try harder you gay piece of gay.” Continue reading »


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